Web/Social Media

The first step to a comprehensive internet and social media campaign is a detailed interview and Technology Consultation.  Our experts will determine the scope and requirements of your technology needs, and the degree to which you desire to have hands-on control, or prefer to have your technology presence monitored and managed for you.  Once you make an informed decision through this consultation process, we can then implement the full scope of your technology campaign.


Yeller Dog Productions specializes in setting up dynamic, database-driven websites and/or blog platforms, as well as meeting client’s specialized needs that go beyond the traditional requirements, through aggressive and forward-thinking custom development.  We provide a full array of design tools, utilizing all technologies available to meet customer’s requirements, including the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS), featuring a custom Wordpress theme, or for a more basic site, static pages with simple HTML and CSS, with no database required.  We specialize in programming web applications using the PHP language.

An integral part of all website development is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and we realize that this is the backbone of success for our customer’s full utilization of web-based marketing.  Again, Yeller Dog Productions offers a complete complement of tools to achieve SEO for your company or project, including, but not limited to installing plug-ins that achieve this goal with Wordpress CMS sites.

Social Media:

We can also launch and coordinate a complete strategy of social-media based marketing for our clients, and have experience with various marketing solutions such as search engine marketing, email marketing, and ad campaigns. We are also experienced in eCommerce solutions, whether it is a pre-built shop or an application that we custom develop.

Regardless of your technology-based needs, Yeller Dog Productions has the solution!