Video Production

Yeller Dog Productions can meet any need or requirement you may have in all phases of preparing, and producing the highest quality high-definition video, whether as a product or as a marketing platform.  We can assist you in these fundamental elements of production:

  1. StoryboardingThe first stage of any successful video production is to take your concept from thought to a thorough step-by-step template of scenes and shots.  This will allow you to realistically understand and quantify what is needed in the areas of   technical equipment, staffing, location, talent, and props, as well as any needed clearances of rights or waivers.  This initial step can literally make the difference between a successful project, and a nightmare that can exponentially spiral out of control in cost, time, and resources.  We will guide you through the complete thought process of identifying each specific and detailed component.

  2. ScriptingThis is perhaps the most critical element of a successful video production, because an effective script will not only support, but also actually facilitate the visual elements that are essential to effectively communicating.  If pictures are truly worth a thousand words, then effective scripting will allow your video images to do the talking!

  3. ProductionThe actual production process requires a laser-focused ability to manage all phases of video production, simultaneously.  To the uninitiated, attempting to manage a full-scale production, whether it is a short form or long form infomercial, or a complete full-length feature production, is an overwhelming task of epic proportions!  From site preparation, to support concessions and amenities, to wardrobe and continuity, to all elements of technical set up, preparation, management of cast and crew, and all attendant directorial responsibilities that ensure you walk away with every shot and nuance needed to guarantee the highest quality elements needed to fulfill your vision.  Nothing is worse that to realize in post production that you lack a specific shot that is integral to conveying your message or concept, resulting in lost time and exponential cost expansion to recreate and shoot the needed footage.

  4. Post-ProductionThe post-production process is where you make your money, and insure that the finished product is the complete fulfillment of your creative vision, and Yeller Dog Productions can make this a reality!  From effective editing, to color correction, graphics, DVD authoring, and more, we will manage this process to make sure you hold your dream in your hands at the conclusion of this detailed and time-consuming process.
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