Yeller Dog Productions will become your strongest ally in identifying the optimum marketing strategy for you product or service.  In a competitive and fast-paced global market environment, you can ill afford to spend valuable dollars and resources searching for the “right spot” to effectively spend your marketing dollars.  To this end, we will assist you in five key areas:

  1. StrategyWhere do you need to concentrate your marketing resources and dollars to most effectively yield the results you desire?  Is it television, radio, print, internet and social media, or a mixture of all, and if so, what is the right blend?  And how do your translate your brand into the media forms you choose to relay your messaging, and market your product(s) or services?

  2. Ad BuysNo matter the media platform(s) you choose for your marketing strategy, Yeller Dog Productions has developed extensive networking across media formats to maximize your buying power and reach.

  3. Direct Response Television (DRTV):  Yeller Dog Productions has spent years researching and understanding this unique marketing platform, and can help you leverage your marketing dollars unlike any other marketing format.  We can assist you in developing and launching a complete DRTV campaign, including creative, product development, E-commerce, fulfillment, evaluating live call centers versus interactive voice recognition (IVR) options, and ad placement.

  4. ContinuityThere are two key applications of this concept –

    • Continuity of BrandIt is critical that once you have developed and fine-tuned your brand, which every marketing application you launch reinforces that branding image and message as strongly as possible.  Failure to do so can be a fatal mistake that effectively dilutes your messaging of brand, and can effectively neuter your branding campaign.  We will not only assist you in maintaining that brand continuity, but in reinforcing and monitoring it.  You must inspect what you expect!

    • Continuity of Product MarketingOnce you have effectively reached your core target market, or are nearing market saturation, an effective continuity campaign that allows you to re-penetrate those you have already successfully reached is mandatory!  We will assist you in identifying the most effective ways to reach the core market you have already established with new offers, re-orders, and expansion of products or services.

  5. Collateral Support Materials and Media:  Yeller Dog Productions will guide you in development of the most effective, penetrating, and highest quality collateral support materials and media.  The most effective marketing program can be severely blunted or even derailed by ineffective collateral materials, whether it is a point of sale display or kiosk, or something as simple as a two-page brochure that accompanies your product delivery.  Attention to detail in this often undervalued area will tell your clients and customers that you are in control of every facet of your business, and that nothing but the highest quality is acceptable.