Concept Branding and Consultation

Yeller Dog Productions can provide your company or venture the best in “outside the box” thinking, and you seek to refine and develop your concept – be it a service, intellectual property, or tangible product.  Be it a niche market, or a mainstream, mass appeal concept, we can help you answer the key questions, identify the core issues, develop a comprehensive branding identity, and quantify and outline the essential steps in presenting your optimum brand to the most discriminating, demanding consumers or clients.

In an age when absolute focus is required to grab the attention of potential clients or customers who are bombarded with sensory overload, it is essential to have a brand free from ambiguity, and laser-like in its clarity, and Yeller Dog Productions can help you move from the most primitive of ideas or concepts to the optimally defined branding campaign and identity.  With our assistance, you will know with certainty who you are, what you offer, and where your best position is in the market place!